Lord of the Flies Project

Joe Pasquino

Types of Goverment

In this book there are two types of governments, Ralph's which completely models a Republic. And Jacks which models a military dictatorship.

Ralphs Tribe

In Ralphs tribe, his style of government is related to a Republic. This is because he was voted into power by the other island go-ers, but like a republic also calls meetings and runs things like the Roman Senate. In a Republic you have an elected leader, but you discuss with the others and decide on common laws, this is the closest related for Jacks tribe. Some quotes that show this are as followed, " We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, were not savages. We're english and english are the best at everything."(Chapter 2) This quote is by jack, and it shows that after the boys elect ralph as chief they are having a meeting sort of like the Roman senate. They establish rules that should be followed, and like the Romans they think they are the best at everything. Another similarity between Ralphs tribe and the Roman Republic is that they elect an armed guard to defend them and provide for them. When Ralph elects Jack and his friends to become hunters and protecters this is closely related to the Roman Republic in the sense that the Consul elects military leaders for conquests. Whats ironic about the Roman Republic and Ralphs tribe is that both entrust to much power to they're army and get overthrown by that same army.
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Jacks Tribe

Jacks tribe can be easily described as a military dictatorship. This is because like a dictatorship they have one sole leader that is in charge of everything. Jack in this case is in charge of his tribes every move, and if his followers don't listen to him they will see consequences like in a Dictatorship. Also Jack came to his power by overthrowing Ralphs set up Republic, like most dictatorships do. Dictators and Jack have a lot in common they both are controlling and came to power by force and not election. For example if you look at this quote, " Hands up said Jack strongly , who ever wants Ralph not to be chief." (Chapter 8). this quote is showing Jack trying to end Ralph's rule over the island by force and throwing him out of power. Another example of Jacks abuse of power is in chapter 9 when he forces one of his followers to get him a drink. This shows that Jack has ultimate power over the boys in his tribe. As you can see the way that Jack runs his tribe is utterly the same as a Dictatorship.
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My Island Society

If I was to be in charge of this group on an island I would model my government after Jacks. Yes, I would have a dictatorship. This is because everything will get done, people will stay on task, and the followers would be provided for. Look at Jacks group, they always had food, because they hunted every day and kept busy. In Ralph's group he struggled to control his followers. His group wouldn't listen to him when he told them not to go to the bathroom in the water, they never kept the fire going, none of them helped build shelter. This would have never happened in Jacks tribe, this is because they where scared if they messed up they would be punished. I understand that in the real world this type of rule is bad, but to survive on a stranded island by with no adults one must run it like a dictatorship. Since I chose a dictatorship I cannot have a constitution, instead I have a list of 10 rules that will be followed. (Listed Below)

1. Everyone is in bed by 10'oclock

2. No one talks back to the leader

3. Everyone contributes to the group

4. All good found will be turned into the leader and equally distributed to the group

5. At all times someone must attend to the fire

6. No one will explore the island alone

7. Everyone will meet together everyday to discuss what is going on within the tribe

8. There will be no fighting between members

9. There must be someone on watch of the beach at all times

10. Everyone must have the same dress, no one can be different

I believe with these rules the island would function perfectly. This is because no one would be getting special treatment and everyone would be working and providing with each other. I would enforce these rules similarly to how Jack enforced his, by having a national guard almost that would discipline the kids who missed behaved. They're would also be 3 subgroups in my society, the first is the national guard that is to enforce the rules, hunt, and protect the leader. The second is the laborers, these kids would build and maintain shelter and keep it clean and safe. The third is the pyros, they would maintain the fire at all times, cook the food, and watch for ships on the ocean. With this type of authority and leadership, and the kids all working together, my tribe would be quite successful on this island.

Real Life Example

A real life historical example of a country having in fighting would be Cambodia in the early 1970's. In this instance the Khmer Rouge, the communist party in Cambodia, revolted against the Kingdom of Cambodia. This revolt affected the people of Cambodia drastically, after the fighting was over the Communist leader Pol Pot came to power, like Hitler he sought to have a perfect race, and exterminated 25% of the population that he saw unfit. This also affected the land drastically, with all the fighting it left Cambodia in shambles, people today are still having trouble recovering. But most importantly it affected the government the most. Like I said earlier, the communist party or Khmer Rouge won this civil war and started a dictatorship under Pol Pot. This was a tragedy waiting to happen, like Mao, Pol Pot worked his population to death in farm fields and factories. It left the country in shambles, and is still one of the most dangerous places in the world to this date. This situation in Cambodia can be closely related to what happened in The Lord of The Flies, Jack, like the communist rebellion, was fed up with power and decided to seize his own, and hurt or killed anyone in the way.
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Current Political Conflict

A current political conflict that is going on right now is happening right here in the United States. In Baltimore Maryland there are full scale riots resulting in the complete and udder destruction of the city. What happened is a young man by the name of Freddie Grey was killed, and the citizens of Baltimore think that it is police injustice and brutality. While the police say that there is more to the story and that they are not to blame. The reasoning behind the residents of Baltimore for their injustice is because that police have been getting away with their abuse of power for to long and it is time for them as people to rebel. The police on the other hand are saying their reasoning behind this tragic death is that Mr. Grey was a convicted drug dealer, and ran from them. The police also say that his death was an accident. The approach to solve this conflict of rioting is to have a curfew set in Baltimore so the residents don't have the opportunity to riot. They are also calling in the national guard to suppress this rebellion. In my opinion I believe the police will win this situation, this is because the civilians who are rebelling are not doing anything to change what is going on, they are just destroying their own city. This will not change anything, I think they need to have a peaceful protest if they want anything to change.
The Worst Moment of Fox News’ Baltimore Riot Coverage | Megyn Kelly 'The Kelly File' | VIDEO

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