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By: Pablo Navarro

Dear Mr. Know It All Advice Column

Dear Mr. Know It All,

Is it true people don't have sports in some countries? I heard it in the news while I was going to school.

Dear Mr. Learn It All,

Yes for example in Uganda and Haiti, because they don't have enough money or otherwise known as poverty. So you can’t buy the equipment needed to play sports. You can't play soccer with a rock.

Dear Mr. Know It All,

Do people discourage others from playing sports? My grandpa told that he couldn’t play because he was discouraged when he was young. Does it happen around the world?

Dear Mr. Learn It All,

Yes for example in Pakistan women are discouraged by villagers to play sports because of the Taliban. Maria Toor Pakay or otherwise known as Chingaiz is a professional squash player, the Taliban threatened to kill her family if she didn’t stop playing squash.

Dear Mr. Know It All,

What are the reasons people don't play sports? I’ve wondered this because I saw a few kids from school researching it, so I became interested in researching into it.

Dear Mr. Learn It All,

One reason is because people don't have the space. For example, in Panyee, Thailand people lived on a floating village where space was hard to find. Therefore the people of Panyee didn’t have a sports field.

Also People are discouraged by the government, like all girls in Pakistan (Chingaiz or Maria Toor Pakay), because of disabilities, poverty, color , and religion.

Dear Mr. Know It All,

Why should people play sports? My mom encourages me but I don’t want to play sports.

Dear Mr. Learn It All,

Sports are healthy for you, it helps you work in teams so you learn teamwork and cooperation, they build your brain, teach you life skills, you can bond with friends, and it can help you sleep tight.

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Panyee, Thailand

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Maria Toor Pakay

Three Women, Gone for Years, Found in Cleveland By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ ( Found At the New York Times)

The discovery came after a neighbor said he heard a woman screaming at a house on his block Monday. Three men were arrested in connection with the episode, officials said.

THE AVENGERS Block Buster By: Pablo Navarro

Movie of the year

The movie The Avengers is right now one of the best movies in the United States. It's a blockbuster that manages to please with intelligence and fun. Whedon makes it look easy said Jeff Bayer. You can tell it’s so good because in June it’s going to be its third month in the movie theaters!

Previous superheroes

The Avengers is a great movie because it builds off of previous Marvel movies like Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America. In The Avengers all the main characters from these movies are combined into one movie The Avengers.

Movie BlockBuster

The ratings of The Avengers is 8.1/10 which is quite a great score according to rotten A quote from Rick Bentley (famous critic) is that, “the real hero of The Avengers is not Iron Man ,Thor or even Nick Fury. It’s Joss Whedon”The creator of the movie

Another reason why it is a great movie is because of the graphics and you can like feel you are in the middle of the fights also because of all the hard work put into for the special fighting effects and for the movie. This is another quote said by Steven Rea which is a top critic the quote is, “A slickly packaged effects-driven smashup.”

The Ratings

These are the reasons why The Avengers deserves good ratings by world famous critics and what makes the movie so good. You should see the movie because everybody goes to see it and it makes thousands of dollars. One last thing is that The Avengers has a lot of humor.

Plataforma Brazilian Restaurant By: Pablo Navarro

Plataforma is a Brazilian restaurant that mostly has steak and has had great reviews by world famous critics. These types of restaurants are called Rodizio which means that they just keep bringing meat until you don’t want more because it makes you very full.

Plataforma is an awesome restaurant because of their recipes for several types of meat, pork chops, and ribs. These were developed by European immigrants in Brazil who started the Rodizio restraunts according to

A unique type of cooking called churrasco was inspired by the Europeans. Their recipe was to gather wood and start a fire. Next, once the fire turned into golden embers, large pieces of prime meat were skewered and slowly cooked to perfection. They used special knives to cut meat that were on their belts.

A quote from Time Out Magazine is Plataforma isn’t the only Brazilian restaurant specializing in Rodizio, but it’s by far the biggest and the best! The dress code is basically almost anything, even soccer jerseys but not like ripped jeans, shorts, or shirts. The inside of the restaurant is big and cozy. In the middle of the restaurant there is a salad bar and under it there is a small shallow pond for decoration. The restaurant doesn’t have a specific menu. You just choose the sides like rice and then the servers just start bringing different types of steak, meat, pork chops, and ribs or filet mignion even Brazilian drinks and desserts.

These are the main things about Plataforma, and its history of how it all came to be. If you are starving and want any type of meat then you should come to Plataforma to try every type of meat you can imagine. This is the type of place I would go, I would totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for the most delicious prime steak you could taste.

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