by Veronica Roth

Beatrice Prior

Beatrice is the protagonist of the story Divergent. Although divergent she is just like the average teenager. She has the same emotions as us. In the story she describes herself in a not so positive way. Everyone knows that she is actually very smart but she has a low self-esteem.
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Beatrice Prior (in the movie)

Her Divergence

¨Tris¨ was born as a Abnegation. This faction is pro self sacrifice. She feels she does not belong in this faction proving her divergence. At the age of 16 she joins the dauntless faction. This means she believes bravery is important. She realized eventually that she really does not fit into just one category she is more of a blend of multiple. This makes her officially divergent.

Some of her friends

  • Al
  • Will
  • Cristina

Tris to the rescue

In the end of the story she basically saves the day. The Erudite faction wants to wipe out the Abnegation faction. This is the faction she was born into so she doesn't want to see that happen. The Erudite members brainwash the dauntless faction into helping them wipe out the Abnegation faction. Due to the fact that Tris is divergent this does not work on her. She by the end of the book destroys the villains plans but leaves the city in chaos.

One word to describe her

  • Heroic
  • If one is heroic they have the characteristics of a heroine and they are very brave.
  • This makes her suited for the Dauntless faction.