Sound Engineers


Jobs offered to those who fit requirements listed below


  • Must be electronically adept and able to fix equipment when it malfunctions during a performance or recording. Must take instructions from directors, producers and other members of the recording or performance crew.
  • Major in at least one of the following: Audio Technology, Broadcast Technology, or Music Production

Job Description

  • Responsible for recording and mixing voices, music and sound effects for movies, television, radio, the music industry, live theater and live music performances.

Pay Scale

  • Those with one to four years of experience can earn $12.90 to $24.79; five to nine years, $10.75 to $24; 10 to 19 years, $14.89 to $24.57; and 20 years or more, $16.70 to $30

Available Jobs

  • television stations

  • recording studios

  • live performance venues