The Stellar Stylists

November Team Celebrations!

Wow, what a month!

As a team, we sold over $230,000 (yes, that's right) in jewelry!
We had 8 PROMOTIONS on our team!!
We welcomed 4 new stylists to our team!!
There was a TON of free jewelry earned by those in their Jump Start!!
AMAZING!! I can hardly wait to see what happens next!!

Congrats to all of our Senior Stylist Promotions!!

Jenelle Keller
Tiffany Smith
Lindsay Doherty
Carolyn David Rose

Top in Sales for November!!!

We had so many that sold SO MUCH in November it's hard to categorize!!!

Our Top 10 in Sales!

Gabriella Figliano $9,159.00

Beth Tackaberry $8,846.00

virginia gazzola $7,638.00

Tracy Clemens $6,521.00

Natalija Assmann $6,144.00

Signy Teague $5,631.00

Stacey Falbo $5,370.00

Liberata Iaboni $5,367.00

Julie Harris $5,346.00

Madelain Navaleza $5,083.00

Look who sold over $4000!!

Leanne Van Dommelen $4,756.00

Katie MacKinnon $4,673.00

Anne Marie Beattie $4,543.00

Shannon Smith $4,442.00

Jenelle Keller $4,336.00

Kelly Bebenek $4,151.00

Look who sold over $3000

Jasmine Koblik $3,986.00

Miranda Lam $3,959.00

Laura Dal Bo $3,932.00


Laura Bowen $3,519.00

Christine Wagg-Marwick $3,443.00

Nydia Gagliardi $3,373.00

Claire Naranjo-Vargas $3,308.00

Amy Parker $3,098.00

Julie Buchwald $3,035.00

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Best to you and yours!

Beth Tackaberry
Director and Independent Stylist
Stella & Dot