Knitting Is fun


Knitting is fun you should try it

Ms.Dailey showed me how to knit because she had a knitting group that stayed after school and knitted and that's where I learned how to knit I also sometime knit with my teacher Ms.Szalko she's fun and she know how to knit with crochet hooks she thought Paola,Andrea,Rebecca and me it was fun but we have to get the hang of it it's a little tricky and hard.
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Bye Have a Nice............

BYE HAVE A NICE KNITTING DAY!!! You can tell anyone you know or you can just go on the Internet and look up for knitting begginiger a and you start but of course you have to buy the supplies in my opinion is that you start of with a circle loom then crochet hooks that's what I did then you get smarter at knitting bye!!!!