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November 20, 2015

On November 6th Fox C-6 faculty engaged in our second full day of professional learning focused around a few common topics.

Amy Zielinski and the District PDC worked hard to ensure that buildings had everything they needed for a useful day of engaging learning. By identifying a few high priority topics across the district we have been able to provide both focus and choice for individual buildings. Principals and teachers can be sure that their choices move the district vision forward while being able to make choices based on their own strengths, interests, and needs. After a year of shared learning about a limited set of topics each building will be able to complete a well-informed needs assessment so we can better design our learning for next year.

The professional development topics for the year were selected to focus on best-practices that connect to the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) evaluation both for the observation indicators and the requirements of the Unit of Instruction. The goal of the C&I department is to ensure that all our PD connects to the work teachers do in PLCs and curriculum development. All the work we do should be based on the same principles and values.

As always, we put great weight on the feedback we get from the PD evaluation surveys that staff completes after each PD day. We will be studying and reporting the feedback to help us redesign the remaining days this year and improve our plans for the future. We will have two more full days of professional development this year: Tuesday, January 19th, and Tuesday March 29th.


Assessment for Learning Overview

One of the district's themes for professional development this year is Assessment for Learning. We are building a strong knowledge base for this topic as many teachers have received training in the past. Click here for an overview of Assessment for Learning and to see what some Fox teachers are learning about this topic.

Professional Development

Professional Development Update

On November 6th, we had another great day of professional learning in the Fox C-6 School District. Teachers and staff participated in professional development across the district, over a variety of topics. Many buildings chose to focus on Student Engagement, Assessment for Learning or Google training for their morning learning. We also had a group learning about STEM and how to integrate more STEM into their classrooms. We had over 600 responses to our survey this time around, and almost 95% of the responses stated the day was well prepared, effectively presented and helpful for next steps in the learning process. A link to the district survey results can be found here. Your individual building results will be shared through your building Professional Development Committee.

PD Reminders

  • Tuition Reimbursement Forms are due to Kelly Gersh by December 31, 2015. Updated forms can be found online under Staff Resources. Teachers can be reimbursed for one class per school year for up to $800.
  • Please remember that once you have received approval for your PD requests, it is your responsibility to call in your sub and register for the conference.
  • Please remember to send confirmation of attendance to all PD workshops to You can scan a copy of the agenda, a certificate or any other documentation that you may have.

Instructional Technology

Move Email Contacts From Outlook to Gmail

As the district prepares to transition our email and calendar services from Microsoft Office to Gmail and Google Calendar, the district will be responsible for migrating almost all email and calendar data to Gmail (click here for a full list of district and staff member responsibilities). If staff members want their email contacts to move with them to Gmail, they will be responsible for migrating their email contacts on their own. Click here for a video or here for a PDF on how to export email contacts from Outlook and import them to Gmail.

Information Technology

File Storage Best Practices

Staff members are often unsure what file storage options they have and when to use the T:, S:, Z:, and Google Drives for file storage. This infographic explains all of the district's supported file storage options and shares some best practices for saving files on district devices.

College and Career Readiness

ACT Aspire Test Update

All Fox C-6 students in grades 6, 8, and 10 will take the ACT Aspire test during the October 12th - December 12th testing window. Click here for an update on the ACT Aspire test and to learn how Aspire testing data is used to help increase student success.

Federal Programs

ELL and Title Programs Update

The Fox District's ELL teachers are hard at work preparing for the new ELL assessment, ACCESS 2.0. Click here for an update on this new assessment, along with information about Title 1 and academic interventions.


Literacy Resources for ALL Educators

This month's post is featuring videos geared towards growing as a professional in the field of literacy. Click here for links that will provide support in understanding some of the hot topics in literacy development.

Data and Information

Is Adobe returning odd messages or kicking you out?

If you are seeing odd messages or getting kicked out of Tyler when you try to edit documents in the special education area, you might want to check your version of Adobe Reader. If you've been upgraded to Adobe Reader DC, returning your system to Adobe 11 should correct the issue for you. Here's a link to a document that will walk you through the steps to go back to Adobe Reader 11.

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