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What's Going on in Guidance?


In K-2nd grade, our January guidance lessons have focused on our BIST Goals for Life. Students are reading, writing and illustrating ideas around our goals. Check your child's take home folders for their Goal of Life work!


Students in grades 3rd-5th have been learning about conflict and bullying. Bullying is such a hot topic, students, educators and parents need to know the difference between it and conflict. Students have learned the difference between conflict and bullying, what to do if they see bullying and 9 conflict resolution strategies. Click below for more info:

What is bullying?

Check out the 9 strategies your students have been learning:

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Goals for Life

At BCS we teach our students 3 Goals For Life. They are called Goals for Life because we use them throughout our lives, not just at school. Below are our Goals for Life, along with books to help reinforce the concept.

Talking at Home

Teaching the Goals for Life at home...

Interested in using the Goals for Life at home? Here are a few questions you can ask your child when they are struggling:

1. If your child has trouble managing an overwhelming feeling... (mad, sad, excited)

  • Can you be okay, even when you feel _______? (insert feeling)
  • Is it ever okay to be hurtful, even if you are ______? (insert feeling)

2. If your child makes poor choices because others are making poor choices...

("But Mom, he was jumping on the bed too!")

  • Can you make good choices, even if others are not?
  • When others break the rules, what can you do?

3. If your child has trouble following your directions...

  • I know it's hard, but can you follow my directions, even if you don't feel like it?
  • Who is in charge at home, kids or adults?

Mrs. Feeney

School Counselor

BCS Elementary School

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