Gabriel's Portfolio

English 9, Pineda/Spring 2015

1) Journal Reflection:

Do you think your privacy is at risk in todays society? think about how easy it is for people to access or share things on social media. yes it is, because a lot of people getting hacked by someone, they steal your profile account, and can access to your privacy..they sometimes copy your profile information to tracked you down.

Were you able to make real life connections? yes because were talking about real life's privacy, people getting hacked by starngers we don't know.

2/3 student essay 1

what is hero? hero is when you called yourself the greatest person of all time, strongest man in the world, and makes you intelligent. Also is a person or character who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self sacrifice that is, heroism for some greater good. Historically, the first heroes displayed courage or excellence as warriors. The word's meaning was later extended to include moral excellence. A hero is a person who takes their time to implement a constructive solution, from saying the right word at the right time, to the smallest deed of opening a door to. A hero is someone who is simply willing to brighten up someones day. Putting away self desires in greater service of the masses. A hero is willing to transgress anything standing between his ideals and himself.

3/3 student essay 2

Would you visit the past of you could? yes i would visit the past, because i want to see how everything was made, how they start a new beginning era of technology. I want to go back in time because you want to know how earth was made, how humans evolve, and things around us how we get them from or made them by manmade. also but at least how we want to learn about how history was made everyday from the past to know if its true and reality life.

4) Note to Self: Semester reflection

Dear self,

This year I had a wonderful time in my new school, and all the classes I have! I made lots of friends, met some teachers and school staffs. Moving to another place is a new adventurous and new life experience. People who move place to place, or transfer to another school is very hard thing to do and you may feel a little different, because you have to adjust yourself to get along with people. So the most favorite part of the semester was making new friends, having fun at school, and doing some school activities. The least favorite part of the semester was that some of my friends were transfer to another school, some had to transfer to different class, and the grades are a little different from my old school!!!