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CALIFORNIA’S BEST NEWSPAPER...............December 16th 2015


The country is divided. You’re either a neuro-user, or you're not.

People who use neuroheadsets have attacked those who don't. Since this attack, the country has seen military strikes on civilian vehicles, a near miss of an airliner with a building in downtown San Jose, and we’ve even had a manhunt at the Great Mall where THOUSANDS of people were held inside until being scanned by a heavily armed Homeland Security tactical team.

The Homeland Security team says they've tracked three fugitives from the mall all the way to Las Vegas itself! Satellite imagery managed a grainy shot of the home (pictured below) where the fugitives were hiding. The abandoned home has been vacant since the nuclear blast. We are still uncertain which side they’re on, but sources say both the Neuro and the Anti-Neuro armies want the fugitives for questioning. One of the fugitives is believed be the very hacker responsible for the Telecomerica attack and a jail break a few months later.

After nearly being caught in Las Vegas, the fugitives are believed to have caused a crash at Hoover Dam involving two identical Gray vans, Homeland Security personnel were fished out of the river and taken to the hospital. None were seriously injured. Sources say this was one of the teams chasing the fugitives, who are claimed to have been last seen entering the Cheyene Military base inside the Mountain Base. We have word that a gunfight between Neuro and Anti-Neuro forces happened outside and inside the Mountain Base and that many lives were lost.

For now, the war continues. Are you for or against? Will you stand and fight or let the other side win?

What will happen next? Will the fugitives be caught? Will the war end?

We’ll be the first to give you the news as it happens!

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Military Strike on a personal car!

Pictured above is a car that was shot by a helicopter's missile! The White Mustang ran its last race near the same time the fugitives were being chased into the mountain. The car was stolen, and the theif driver is not expected to survive his injuries

Ask Me Anything!

By Heather Hagen

Dear Heather, I’ve just moved here from New York to start a new job and I don’t think anyone likes me except for the guy who is training me. One of the people I work with is a beautiful girl, we’ll call her, “V”, and I think she hates me the most. This is a weird job I have, because the only way to get it was to accidentally make the people I would be working with look like they didn’t know what they were doing. It’s a long story, but the bottom line is that the girl I like is the one who I made look the worst when applying for the job. Now that I have the job, she barely talks to me and when she does, she just calls me an egg, What can I do to get her to like me? Thanks,~~“S”

DEAR, “S”, Starting a new job can be a tough thing to adjust to. If you have to work with the people who you made look bad while applying for the job, then my advice is to kill them with kindness. I mean be so nice to them that they can’t help but be nice right back. Be a team player and learn what you can from them. If you’re better at the job than they are, then be better at it, but don’t brag and try to make the others have bad feelings about you. When you can, help the rest of the team be as good as you are at the job.

And be yourself!

You’ll do fine. Congratulations on the new job!

~~ Heather

THE! Movie! Review! By Isabella Jensensis

Brain Jack

Starring Chandler Riggs.

I almost loved it. I liked it a lot is what I mean. But there are a couple things that might make it better. I’ll talk about those later.

The movie starts with a scene where a computer hacker, Sam Wilson (played Chandler Riggs) is hacking into Telecomerica. It’s one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. And he hacks into the network just so he can have them order him a new computer, a neuroheadset, and the same things for his best friend, Fargas (played by Leo Howard). The neuroheadset lets you control a computer with your mind. The hack doesn’t go as good as planned and Sam almost gets caught. But with the help of Fargas, he barely gets away (at least he thinks so) and is able to place the order for the computers and headsets. And to show what a genius he is, Sam does this world-famous computer hack on his way to school, as though it was just a regular day.

Feeling safe that they got away with it, Sam and Fargas act like nothing happened and they wait for the computers and headsets to arrive. The truth is that because Sam and Fargas were able to hack into the Telecomerica network, the Cyber Defense Division (CDD) of Homeland Security is going to come after them. The CDD sets a trap for Sam and he walks right into it, proving himself to be the very person they were looking for… TO HIRE! After that exciting twist, the story goes from New York to California, through a desert, into a beautiful home located in a radioactive wasteland, and then into the base of a mountain.

A Civil War breaks out in the United States between those who want to use a neuro headset and those who don’t. Those who do want to use them are suddenly acting very strangely and the rest of the nation is running from them! Sam and his team are the only ones who can stop the war, but it might bring the world’s technology back into the stone ages. I won’t give away the ending, but it will blow your mind! Go see the movie.

For the movie, Brain Jack
I give it 4 out of 5 Stars!

It has lots of action and excitement, it has mystery and suspense and the acting is great. But I would really like to see more of a romance between Sam and Vienna. One other thing is that they used so many computer terms in the movie that sometimes I had no idea what was going on. I mean, do I really need to know what DHCP is? I’m a movie review writer, not a computer expert! Anyway the action and the story were exciting enough to get me interested in the movie from the very beginning. And I stayed interested all the way until the end of the movie.

See it – you’ll like it!

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The Death of Computer Genuis

Isabel Donald, also known by the computer name of Swamp Witch by her coworkers, was the first of many to die this afternoon from the Neuroheadset virus. Miss Donald was a representative of the Congressional Oversight Committee. She was assigned to Homeland Security here in San Jose. She will be remembered as a warm person who loved to spend time with close friends.