The Artist of Crafts By: Nancy S.

Perfect for kids who want to be an Artist of Crafts!

Reasons to be an Artist

  1. Art is creative.
  2. You can make many crafts.
  3. It might be your favorite subject.

Education and Training

You can get a Bachelor's or master's degree if you are great at it. You need to take classes to do great at art and soon be an artist. Practice and repetition helps you in your career, like art.

The Environment

The work can be indoor and outdoor. You may or may not have to wear a uniform for work. Sometimes you have to work individual or in a group.


If you are a fine artist, a sculptor,or a illustrator you can get $43,890 per year.


  • Craftiest & fine artist must do or create art work and other projects they must do.
  • Artist must have imagination.
  • Must work with hands most of the time.
  • Must have business skills.
  • Must deal good wit customers

Why I want it...

I want this job because I like it is very creative and it is my favorite thing to do. :)

Where I found the information

I found this information in Bureau of Labor