January Chamber Newsletter

"POP, clink, FiZz, 2016!"


Well no snow yet for the end of 2015, I have a feeling 2016 won't let us down. December was full of wonderful Holiday festivities in every shape and size, each holding their own beauty and reason for the season. So it's back to the top of the list, we are now gearing up for all the 2016 Events!
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22nd Annual Winter Antique Show

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 9am to Sunday, Jan. 17th, 4pm

200 East 14th Street

Huntingburg, IN

Admission for the Antique show is $3.00 per person and kids 12 and under are FREE.



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WELCOME NEW CHAMBER MEMBER - Mama T's Italian Steakhouse

We are so happy to have your delicious food back on 4th Street!! Brandon and his family are happy to be back home. Join the Chamber in Welcoming Mama T's back to our Chamber crew!


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We would like to wish you a safe and Joyous Holiday Season. We will once again be offering special rates if you are stranded by inclement weather and do not feel safe driving home. If you are interested in a room because of the weather please let us know that you are "Stuck" so we can help you with lodging. (For Employees Only)


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News from Huntingburg Press

There’s a new face at the Huntingburg Press, Mackenzie Petty! Mackenzie and the Huntingburg Press are looking for lots of local stories and any special features that they can put in the weekly edition of the paper. The Huntingburg Press has been around since 1905, but it’s time for a freshening up, just in time for the New Year! The Press is looking for human interest stories, community and school events, local news, and just about anything you could think of that the community would love to read about! Please give Mackenzie a call at their office, 812-827-2232. The Huntingburg Press wishes everyone in the community best wishes for the New Year! We are looking forward to what will surely be a great year in 2016!


If you are a Huntingburg Chamber Member and wish to share an event, promo, special occasion or personal success story on our newsletter. Please contact the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce at the contacts listed below.

Chamber Chatter

Hello Everyone!!

I know I had a Wonderful Christmas spending time with family loving and laughing at each others company, I hope your's was just as Merry!

Here comes the January Edition of "Chamber Chatter!"

It seems the start of the New Year is always the same routine every time....Eat lucky cabbage, make a resolution, start diet, give up diet because eating whatever you want is so much better, start exercising, give up exercising because you're sore after one week (guilty!)....and so on. We do the same thing every year!!

Here is what I propose.

My New Year's Resolution is to be different. Yes, I know we are all different already in our own special way but I want to be different in the decisions I make this year. If I fail well then I can say at least I tried something different that no one else was willing to.

So, how will you spend your 2016 stuck in the same rut or climbing out and trying something new! (Food for Thought.)

Feel free to post your New Year's Resolution below in the comment box, I would love to hear them!

Elizabeth Wertman

- Executive Director

Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce

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