Akashic Field Therapy

with Valerie Elster, Advanced Practitioner/Trainer

A powerful Quantum healing method

Akashic Field Therapy™ (AFT) releases unwanted patterns from your soul by shifting them at the Quantum level! AFT takes an in depth look into any unresolved core traumatic experiences that can create repeating patterns of limiting behavior, emotional blocks, irrational fears or negative beliefs. Traumatic memories arising from the Akashic Field create our subconscious blocks & AFT can help you discover what is holding you back from your authentic self.

When would a person benefit from a quantum healing (AFT) Session?
A session is appropriate for anyone who would like more out of their life than is currently possible. Many people who schedule a session report some of the following conditions:

  • Not experiencing the degree of aliveness, freedom, joy, inner peace, love, prosperity, balance, empowerment, confidence, happiness & well-being that you desire.
  • Currently feel stuck – unable to achieve forward movement no matter how hard you try.
  • Continually sabotage in some way or hold themselves back.
  • Are stuck in negative behavioral patterns: especially lack of self-love or issues of self worth, fear, guilt, anger, frustration, or suffering.
  • Desire a clearer connection with the Source of their being – spiritual awareness.
  • Desire to clear your path of any obstacles to living the life you desire.
  • Are committed to their spiritual path and purpose, and desire to evolve to the highest level possible

A powerful self-awareness tool!

Now offering sessions for insight into:

  • Personal (General)
  • Business/Work (General)
  • Relationship (Family, Romantic, etc.)
  • Specific Trauma, Fear or Belief
  • Detailed Question/Issue
  • Open, we can ask “what’s most important to look at now”

Each session is approx. 30 minutes via phone or Skype. I prep beforehand so have the information ready to go. I’ve studied this method for 8 years under CJ Martes, the founder of AFT. I’m an Advanced AFT Practitioner and worldwide Instructor.

Akashic Field Therapy Package:

  • Intro Single Session (New Clients only) – $111
  • Explorer – 3 sessions (1 per week for 3 weeks)– $300
  • Emotional Release – 6 sessions (1 per week for 6 weeks) – $560
  • Self-Mastery – 10 sessions –(1 per week for 10 weeks $840)



Valerie Elster, Reiki Master Teacher, AFT Practitioner/Trainer

Valerie Elster is an Energy Intuitive, Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Quantum Field Visionary. Since 2004 she has shared her expertise in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, the Akashic Records and Gem/Flower Essences to inspire thousands of people to step into their divineness and raise the consciousness of humanity. She has been working with Akashic Field Therapy since 2005.

Akashic Field Therapy Introduction