Sneak Peek

December 15th & 22nd 2014 * Stoy School * Miss Roberts


The students have been working hard to learn and practice the songs they will sing for you at the Stoy School Annual Winter Concert. I hope you will have a wonderful time and enjoy the sounds of the season.

This week, we are going to answer the question, “How do you know if something is a fact or an opinion?” First, we will read an Informational text called Jellies. We will then read another called Meet Norbert Wu. As we read, we will keep talking about the Big Idea, “Nature can teach us many things.”

Target Vocabulary: millions, choices, drift, simple, weaker, wrapped, disgusting, decide

Phonics Skills: Contractions

Vocabulary Strategy: Base words and suffixes: -er -est

Comprehension Skill: Identifying statements as fact or opinion.

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify – Good readers monitor their understanding. While reading, they ask, “Does this make sense?” If it does not, they go back to clarify.

This week in Writer's Workshop, we will turn our focus towards Poetry. The students will learn the "ingredients" needed to write poems.

  1. Find a topic that gives you big, strong feelings
  2. Find a small object, moment or detail that holds a big feeling
  3. Look with poets' eyes and see ordinary things in a new way.


Lesson 4-9: Double Digit Addition Algorithm

  • Identifying the value of digits in multi-digit numbers
  • Using base-10 blocks and fact extensions to add two 2-digit whole numbers
  • Using ballpark estimates
  • Showing understanding of addition and subtraction symbols

Lesson 5-1: Exploring Rules, Sharing and Time

  • Counting a collection of objects
  • Matching the time on a clock with the digital notation
  • Finding the rules for a group of sorted attribute blocks

Lesson 5-2: Points and Line Segments

  • Solving number stories using addition facts
  • Connecting points in a sequence
  • Using a straightedge to draw a line segment


Last week the students built upon their previous mixing experiences by mixing three solids with water; gravel, toilet tissue, and kosher salt with water. Through observations during the lab, they students determined which one breaks apart, sinks, and dissolves to create a solution. On Monday, the students will think about and discuss how to separate the mixtures they created last week. Using a special tool, they will have an opportunity to learn how to separate solids and liquids

What three factors contribute to the speed at which a dissolvable solid dissolves in water? We will find out by having a race. On Wednesday, the students will explore two of these factors in Lesson 7. They will use solid sugar in two different forms; cube and granulated, to see which dissolves faster under identical circumstances. On Friday, they will be looking at another factor that will affect how quickly a solid will dissolve: heat. The students will participate in another dissolving race. Each set of lab partners will observe what happens when they mix granulated sugar with cold and warm water.

Finally, before Winter Break, the students will learn about a process called chromatography. This will be accomplished by separating ink into its component colors. As they work together, they will recognize that some mixtures contain “hidden” substances that are revealed only when the mixture is separated.


I wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday! I am looking forward to seeing 2R back together in 2015!

  • Tuesday, December 16th - Lunch 12:30 - 1:30 * bring a snack!
  • Wednesday, December 17th - Unit 4 Math Test
  • Thursday, December 18th - Student Council Pretzel Sale @ 3:00
  • Friday, December 19th - Stoy Winter Concert 12:45 and 2:00!!

  • Friday, December 19th - Report Cards sent Home
  • Tuesday, December 23rd - Half Day - Pajama Day & 2R Winter Party

  • December 24th - January 4th School Closed

  • Monday, January 5th School Reopens