Menominee Tribe

"Wild rice people"

Past History.

They lived in Wisconsin, Michigan. They had to fight with,Bears,Moose,Cranes,wolfs,and Eagles. Sac and fox tribes, and Winabago tribe.

Present History

Wisconsin,Michigan. Most kids are not learning their native language.

Ceeping ther land.


Wild rice, dear, fish, sqush, beans, nuts, Berrys, syrup from tree, bison or carabao.


http://www.bigorrin.orgWomen wore woven skirts.

Men wore breech clothes with leggings.


Wigwams, longhouse, Tepees, and Grasshouse.


http://www.bigorrin.orgBow and arrows, Spears, Clubs, Tawmahawks, Axis, and, Knives.

Games Snow snake game, Lacrosse.

Instructing Facts

Thunder bird myth, underground panther myth