3 ways on how to dye eggs.

Many ways to dye your own egg.

Numbe One.

  • The first method of dying eggs is you take a hard boiled egg and take several rubber bands, then you take a rubber band and stretch it out and wrap it tightly around the egg. Be sure not to wrap it not too tight. Repeat this as many times as you like then dunk the egg in the dye. (note:you can dye the egg wrap the rubber bands them die the egg again.)

Number Two

  • Use Stickers!!! When you were a kid im sure you probably used stickers after you died them for decoration. but the trick is before you die them put a sticker on the egg and dunk it in the dye and see what happens!!!

Number three!!!

make your own natural dye!!! there is alot to explain so just go to this link:http://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/more-holidays/homemade-easter-egg-dye-00000000056344/index.html and it should tell you what to do.