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4Th Generation Ipod Touch Warning.

Although a favor to the all new 5th Generation Ipod Touch the old version of the Ipod touch has a problem that may never be righted. Many of the systems are not able to up date past version 3 or 4. This causes a problem because any app store download is needed to be up to the latest version of ios available. It is unknown of any way to fix this problem but users need to be aware of the problem. If you have this problem I would recommend contacting apple using their customer service things. Many users have also reported that their device updates but deletes all of the applications and settings causing the user to have to set the device back up as if it were brand new.

Top Tip Of The Week

Push you home button twice to reveal all of your apps that are running. Hold down on one app to make them shake. Next push the red minus button on the corner of the app to close it completely close it and shut it down.

What Is Jail breaking an Device?

Jail Breaking a device is the act in which one individual converts your Device to a device that allows you to have asses to 3rd party apps that otherwise apple has banned from the app store. Cydia acts as the app store for the jail broken device with all sorts of tweaks and other fun things for you to explore. The device still retains the app store but many people chose to use this for everything that is not on the app store. One down side to this is that to do this many tutorials have you use a Mac computer and other software. I do NOT recommend doing this to you device unless you know what you are doing. Youtube has many tutorials available. Try At Your Own Risk.

Subway Surfers


Description: The comments for this one don't lie. you will not be able to put it down until your battery dies or you fall asleep. One thing about this came is that it glitches sometimes but this gets better as you play. I would recommend that you save your coins and wait until you have enough for a good character or use real world money to buy a pack of coins. The world tour is going on and in a day or two they will have moved on from Rome.

Temple Run

Cost: Free

Description: Amazing and you will not be able to put this one down as well. This one has glitches as well but they cause you to die when they do happen.

Temple Run 2

Cost: Free

Description: The same as Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

Jet Pack Joyride

Cost: Free

Description: Fly on a jet pack to earn coins to upgrade and set high scores.

Summery Of This Weeks Apps, Tips, and Warnings

This week we learned about Ipod Touch 4th generation's updating problem and what it means to you as a consumer. We learned about 4 apps that are fun for people who want something to play while they are waiting or just anytime in general. Next week we will have more Apps, Tips, and Warnings. From Review Time Loging Out