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I picked this one because I thought it was a way of saying to take care of books because everywhere a book can be damaged. I also pick this to be careful with books and read it carefully.

About Me

My name is Jacob J and I am a reader. I liked reading since I was a kid. I read tons of my kids books over and over again. I soon moved onto some chapter books that at first I was scared of but I found out that it wasn't that bad. The only problem I have is finding a good book. I can't get lots of books that fit me. But I like reading and most books I tried I loved reading. I like getting books and wanting to get the next book. Here are some things about me as a reader:

  1. I like reading many type of genres
  2. When I read the book, I read the sequel a while after.
  3. Most of my books are from recommendations.
  4. My favorite book series so far is This Book is Secret series.
  5. I like reading series
  6. I don't usually read books (but I want to).
  7. I like sharing the books I read to others.
  8. I get lots of ideas after I read a book.
  9. I like reading alone
  10. I freak out when I don't have a bookmark after I need to save my page.

Music Video

I picked this song because my book because I like my books to have some mystery and action. I also get sucked in to the book and this feels like you even get sucked into it. I can feel it like if there is a plot . I can also feel like there is something else in the music.

My Last Blog Entry

My mom just bought me two books that people say was funny and has some science references in them. I started reading them and I started to read more everyday after that. I use my friend's recommendations and read them to see if it is good or not. Since that, I been trying to find books I can read in my free time. I am also reading some of my books like Itch or Powerless

Interests and Favorites

I like many books but I do have some my favorites. For example:

Itch, The Cay, This Book is Secret, The Adventures of Tintin, Frank Einstein, ETC

Here are some of mine:

My Favourite Books

Paws To Read

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No Flying No Tights

Click me to see some awesome Graphic Novels

No Flying No Tights

I picked this one because I am a person who loves comic books and this websites help me find some good ones. I can find them from kids to adults and can see what the comic is like. You can chose what type of comic you want.


I don't usually read books even when I want to and it is hard to find some but I feel like it is a really good movie and I really enjoy reading a really good book.
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