Quilting for Teachers at FMS

Every 4th Wed. or Thur. (popular vote decides) 5-8-ish p.m.

Do you want to sew? Do you want to make a quilt?

Even beginners are welcome! I would love to teach a staff quilting class so we can each complete a quilt throughout the school year. If you are interested, email me at brocks@lisd.net or stop by.

If you have a machine or sewing equipment, bring it with you.

I've attended several sewing classes and this is usually how it works: the instructor selects a pattern easy enough for all skill levels, and each person buys their copy (I go to the Old Craft Store on the square in Carrollton). After that, each person selects the size they want to make and shops for their own material (I also use the Old Craft Store for this -- a bit more expensive, but better quality and no pre-washing required; true quilting fabrics).

People bring their own supplies and then also share. I have my own machine plus 3 class machines right now. I have several cutting mats of my own we can use.

Guaranteed to be a friendship-building, fun time! Bring snacks!