Bosnia And Herzegovina

Erna's Country Report

Facts About Bosnia

Bosnia is on the continent of Europe.The city capital of Bosnia is Sarajevo.The language that is spoken is Bosnian language. Some of its words with the English defenitions are zdravo=hi,kako si=how are you,dobar dan=good day,cao=bye,and ruza=flower.The 2 types of government that run Bosnia are Federal Republic and Parliamentary Republic.A few of the major industries are wooden furniture,textiles,and steel production.

The education system in Bosnia are primary school (grades 1 up to 9)and general secondary (10 up to 13) and tertiary ( higher grades).In the olden days kids walked to school.If there is heavy snow or a lot of rain the kids still had to go to school.Now the most common transportation is the train.

The weather in Bosnia is always cold.but sometimes it gets hot.Whenever you go to Bosnia always bring a big coat and pants.


The most popular sports played in Bosnia are football (soccer) and basketball.Other sports are volleyball,mountain biking,hiking,rock climbing,water polo,and kayaking.
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Facts About My Ancestors

The citys my ancestors are from are Srebrenica and Zvornik and they came to America in 1998.Thats all I know about them.

Religion And Population

The religions that are practiced in Bosnia are Muslims and Catholics.There are mostly Serbs in Bosnia because in the war most Bosnians lost their lives.

Fun Facts

1.Sarajevo hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics.

2.Bosnia is nicknamed "The Heart Shaped Lake" due to the country's slight heart shape.

3.The name Bosnia comes from the Indo-European word Bosana,which means water.

4.Bosnias most tallest mountain is Dinara.

5.There are over over 700,000 people who come to visit Bosnia every year.

National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina