The Cloud Connection

Sept. 16, 2013

Math: We need to work on the vocabulary a bit so students are familiar with the properties of addition as they are addressed in the new text. We'll continue to work on estimation and rounding this week and I'll incorporate some problem solving strategies into our math lessons. Homework: Mon. Lesson 4 wkst., Tues. Pg. 92, 97-98, Wed. Worksheet 7, Thurs. pg. 105-106.

Reading: Quite a few kids didn't finish up their Jr. Great Book written work so I'll give them some time on Monday to finish that. We're going to be working on an author study the next couple of weeks. We'll be reading books by Patricia Polacco who is a very talented author/illustrator. We'll explore theme/plot and characters as we read from her collection.

Language: I'll be going over Sentence Fluency with students this week, and we'll have a chance to practice ways to experiment with rewriting sentences in our writing. Students will also have a skill sheet on basic language mechanics this week. We'll have our first test covering our Greek/Latin vocabulary words this week. A study guide went home last week.

Science: We're continuing our study of insects this week. Students will be working on their insect mini investigation this week. This work will be done in class so unless students aren't using their time wisely they shouldn't have homework associated with this project.

Other items: This Wednesday is our first Early Release Day. Please remember that buses will run on their regular route, leaving school at 1:45. Thank you.

I'm assigning the first book report this week. See the note about requirements. It is due Oct. 10th. Students need to read a book at their reading level that's approx. 100 pages. The first report is going to be a poster. For this report I'm allowing students to choose any genre they'd like.

I still have a few families that need to pay the craft/magazine fee. If you haven't done so please try to get that turned in soon. The magazines are already starting to arrive. Thank you.

School pictures are Friday. If you want a class photo they will be included with this photo package.

Student council will be starting the election process this week for students wanting to be involved in the current year's student council. To run students must have decent grades and be of good character. All of my class would qualify which makes me pretty pleased. Forms have to be turned into me by the 19th. Posters have to be signed by me before they get posted and all students running will need to prepare a short speech. We'll hold campaign speeches/elections the morning of Oct. 1st.

We'll be headed to the Wynn Nature Center Sept. 25th for a special field trip to further our knowledge base about insects. Parent drivers are needed and appreciated. Please make sure students dress warm on the 25th. Rubber boots are also a good idea!

The Parent Teacher Organization is kicking off their fall fundraiser today. There are many ways you can participate. Please take a minute to read through the information. Thank you for your support. Orders need to be returned Sept. 27th.

Book Report Assignment

Your poster book report is due Oct. 10. Your book needs to be 100 pages or more written at your reading level. The poster needs to include the title, and author of your book as well as your name. In addition to the artistic quality of your poster you will need to include a written summary of your book. This does not have to be typed and it doesn’t have to be attached to your poster but you will need to turn it in. You will use it to share your book with the class so it needs to include the characters, setting, and main plot of the book. Do not include the ending of the book; your job is to encourage others to read the book. If you didn’t like the book you might suggest what type of reader might like the book. Remember to use your writing rubric so your written summary is filled with language that helps us understand your thoughts about your book.

Early Release

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 1:45pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Buses will run their regular routes, just 1 1/2 hours earlier.

School Pictures

Friday, Sep. 20th, 9am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Our class' photos will be taken sometime between 9-3.

Constitution Day

Monday, Sep. 23rd, 2:15pm

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Wynn Nature Field Trip

Wednesday, Sep. 25th, 12-3pm

62650 Skyline Drive

Homer, AK

Field Trip to learn about Fungi, Bacteria and Insects. Parent Drivers Needed.

Moustache Day

Friday, Sep. 27th, 8:30am

995 Soundview Avenue

Homer, AK

Student Council Sponsored Spirit Day: Please send students to school with their "moustache" as we won't be letting them draw them on once they are here. Thank you :)