Internet Safety

Always be safe when your online.

Why is internet safety important?

Making sure that you’re always safe online in any way. Don’t be a troll to anyone, or be rude and say rude things online. Always make sure that your checking your words because you might have said something on accident that wasn't meant to be said. Learning certain things to do when you’re on the web is something some people need to learn because if they are doing bad things online, then if they want to get into a college and the college checks their social media life & if it’s bad, then they probably won’t be accepted into that college. Internet safety is the security of people and their information when they are on the internet.


Paragraph or List with at least 6 tips – (this is where you teach someone how to stay safe)

1. Do not give personal information such as address, phone number, parent’s number, and your school name without your parent’s acceptation.

2. Don’t respond to any rude messages.

3. Will not give passwords to anyone.

4. Don’t send pictures to anyone without parent’s permission.

5. Tell your parent’s about any information that makes you feel uncomfortable (right away.)

6. Be a good citizen on & offline.