Britannica Resources

Britannica School Edition, Image Quest, E-STAX, and Escolar

Digital Resource Spotlight

Take advantage of digital resources and provide students with interesting, diverse, and current learning materials. Use age and curriculum appropriate digital tools to ENGAGE your students and MOTIVATE them to want to learn.

Library Services DIIP Goal 12-2

Increase the use of district provided digital resources, including online databases and eBooks through:

  • Library services staff modeling the process used to create professional development sessions, including the selection and organization of content and use of effective strategies

  • Librarians providing campus-based professional development

Usage statistics will increase by 5%.

Digital Resources are purchased by NEISD Library Services and

located in NEISD Launchpad.



What Is It?

Britannica includes:

  • Britannica School Edition (3 content levels of encyclopedias)
  • Britannica Escolar (authentic Spanish encyclopedia)
  • Enciclopedia Moderna (authentic Spanish encyclopedia - high school level+)
  • Britannica Image Quest
  • Britannica E-STAX

Who Should Use It?

All Levels/Subjects


Lab Computers? Yes

Class sets of iPads and Chromebooks? Yes

At Home Use? Yes

How To Get Started?

Britannica is accessed through your Library Resources folder in NEISD Launchpad.

Britannica School Overview

What's the Best Way to Use Britannica?

Britannica School, Enciclopedia Moderna and Britannica Escolar are student encyclopedias that provide articles at multiple reading levels. Begin by searching for a topic in the appropriate level (Elementary, Middle, High). Searches will provide links to articles, images and videos. Additional resources, such as web links and primary source materials , may also be available on the left hand column.

Upon selecting an article to read, students can change the level of the reading material up or down if needed. Students have the ability to email, save or print the article. Articles can be read aloud to students and translated into multiple languages. Font size is also adjustable.

Citations are available in four different styles, including APA and MLA.

Teachers have access to additional resources that recommend articles based on standards. Within an article, teachers can also select a tab that pulls up the standards addressed with that article.

Britannica E-STAX provides ebooks for grades k-8th. The focus of the collection is on providing resources for life science, earth science, early readers, and ebooks for English Language Learners (Spanish bilingual books for ELL students)

Britannica Image Quest provides the best and broadest collection of curriculum-relevant imagery which is rights-cleared for educational, non-commercial use. Image Quest is a great resource for student projects and teacher lessons alike. Images may be emailed, printed, downloaded, or collected through a free account, just sign up. Collected images will be stored and made available for later use, or quickly curated into a slideshow.m

Citations are available when an image is clicked on.

Hint: On tablets, the user must hold the image until a popup appears to 'save image' rather than downloading.

Content Created & Curated by

Wendy Howk

Library Instruction Coordinator

North East Independent School District

San Antonio, TX