Anesthesia & Beers Law

Eddie Miller

The set up of the Lab

- To start this lab off we used a colorimeter and the computer program logger pro.

- 2nd we filled test tubes with different types of soulutions.

- 3rd our group put the test tube into the colorimeter holding the ridged side of the tube.

- 4th we had to caibrate the colorimeter.

- 5th we started collecting our data from the different solutions and put them into a graph.

- On the last step we found the % solution for a mystery solution and drew a line of best fit.

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Background Information

A Anesthesia is a drug the stops the nerves from carrying out signals to your brain. It work to numb the area so you cannot feel pain and it relieves itching, sunburns, and minor cuts. The two types of anesthesia are general and local. A general anesthesia is given while a subject is in too much pain for a surgery while they are awake.The local anesthesia is given to numb the part during surgery. Anesthesia's can have some side effects and if given over 40% the person will die.
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Since Betty was given a solution of 70% she would die because the solution was too strong.
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% soultion

- First turn the % solution into a decimal.

- 2nd you take the decimaled solution and multiply it by the total volume.

- 3rd you subtract the volume of the solute from the total solution volume.

- 4th you have to dissolve 50ml of ethylene glycol in about 950ml of water.