blue whale

chad colbert 1st blook


The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, weighing as much as 200 tons.

There calls reach 188 decibels, white a jet reaches 140 decibels.

The largest animals ever to have lived on earth, these giants can grow over 100 feet in length.

Despite living in water ,whales breath air and like humans ,they are warm blooded mammals who nurse their young.

blue whale baleen is black with over 800plates.

It's heart alone is as long as a small car.

location and habitat

Blue whale lives in all oceans.

Blue whale is found in mostly cold temperate waters, and it prefers deeper ocean waters to costal waters.

blue whales are known to feed on krill, plank tons and other small fish, which they eat in larger numbers.

Blue whales are carnivore.

Threats and solutions

lick other large whales, blue whales are threatened by environmental change including habitat loss, toxics, and climate chug in the MT arctic.

wwf efforts in this area over the coming years will be directed to wards increasing a awareness.