The Story of Timmy...

By Manuel Eduardo Duran Guerrero the 2nd

So It Begins...

“I like you”, Timmy exclaimed to Hailey. “I know it seems crazy and I’ve been meaning to explain this to you but I like you, ever since I met you I’ve been wanting to tell you but I thought about you being the daughter of Aphrodite and chickened out” said Timmy. She was speechless as she swam away. Timmy almost broke down crying and called himself an idiot. He thought it was the end of the world. As he picked up a rock he threw it as far as he could to relieve his anger. It didn’t help that this was when he first met “The 8 Bullies”. Just because he tried to get Aphrodite’s daughter to love him he’d soon hate “The 8 Bullies”

A New Companion...

Even though his dad was Zeus no one feared him. Every day he’d play on top of a snowy mountain, because the village made fun of him. Even Hailey got mad and screamed at Timmy “GO WITH HADES YOU PEASENT!!” So Timmy went up the mountain to play when he saw a raven. The raven started talking and told Timmy if he gave him something precious he’d end his troubles. Timmy ended up giving the raven his dads lightning bolt when all of the sudden the raven had a surprise… the raven was Hades!

“Now I shall repay you”, he said. He entered Timmy’s body and walked over to the bully’s hang out.

A Tagedy..

“Well if it isn’t T-“the bully talking was killed when Hades smashed his head. Then he finished them off. Right after he assassinated the bullies he burnt down the village along with Tim’s family. Hades then exited the body and stated “nice making business”. Tim couldn’t believe what he had just done. He went on top of the snowy mountain and killed himself…

The Wrath of Zeus

Timmy's father Zeus gets furious when he hears this and goes hunting for Hades. "I thought I taught that boy better than to trust and random bird he find" he took a few seconds to calm down. "Oh son why, why did you have to do that, why couldn't I have been a better father?" He started sobbing.

A Family Reunion..

"There you are you coward!" Screamed Zeus. "Come to beg for your sons soul?" Hades stated. "Don't ever touch my family again!" said Zeus in a roaring fasion. "I forgot to pay your wife a visit maybe that can be on next weeks agenda" said Hades. At this point Zeus popped. He broke into war mode. He swung his fists at Hades, but Hades had the bolt and was stronger. "Give up so soon brother?" asked Hades. Zeus was crippled and couldn't respond. "Any last words?" asked Hades. "Yes, go to hell" said Zeus as he jumped to the side, and out of no where Posiedon swung a giant wave at Hades electricuting him because of the bolt. "Thank you brother" said Zeus. "No problem" said Posiedon, but when they turned around to pick up the bolt Hades was gone.

The Conclusion

To this day Zeus still throws his lightning bolts to the ground (which we call storms) in an attempt to hit Hades and kill him. You should never trust someone you don't know just because they seem friendly at first, because as Tim proved they could really be the devil in disguise.