Element Super Villain

Berylium/Berinator Created by: Aiden Johnson


  • Steel Grey color
  • Light Weight
  • Brittle
  • Strong
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  • Structural material for space craft
  • Used in springs

Powers and Origin

  • Can jump super far because of springs built into his feet
  • Can run incredibly fast because he is very light weight
  • Super strength
When he fell into a vat of melted Beryllium half his face was turned into Beryllium. Now he has gone crazy and wants to make the world pay.


  • Very brittle bones so they break without much effort
  • Since he is so light weight he can be knock over or thrown very easily
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What he looks like

  • Has half his face Beryllium other half flesh
  • always wheres black spandex jump suits

Why he should be in the movie.

He should be in the movie because he would be the perfect main villain, and would be hard to catch which makes the movie more interesting.