Bug Girl

Come and join the bug girl show and stay for 2 hours

Come and watch the bug girl tell facts and show you bugs

The bug girl show is only $10 per adult and child.it also concludes camping and a pack with your very own bug book,a pray mantis pencil and a very own camera only $20

Only on the 2nd of july and and 5th

The place is at NSW,Sydney a live show in Campbeltown mall and I could do a private lesson for each class for the school only $10 per class! How cool is that!

These are my helpers to help me to do my bug show.

looking for bugs

we could also throw in a bug search and if you found a amazing bug and i could put it online on my website if ylou found the best one to enter go ot www.buggirl.com.au ask permession first please!

bring your family

bring your family experiance the wounderful nature of bugs.this is my sister,she is a chef and she is going to london because she won her scholoship.have fun fuji! from your lovely sister Lupe