Heinrich Isaac

Composer of the Renaissance

Isaac was...

Born in Belgium in 1450 till he died on March 26, 1517, in Florence Italy. He was a Netherlandish Renaissance Composer. He wrote Masses, Monets, Songs, and Instrumental Music. He was undoubtedly trained in the Low Countries and remained there until 1484, when Lorenzo Medici, impressively invited him to Florence. Isaac spent most of his time teaching music to Medici, or other families and cities that invited him in. In addition, he did own a house in Florence until he died. Isaac made music that sounded beautiful. Three of his greatest works are located in one book called the Choralis Constantinus. These masters of work were made for three men, one for The Elector of Saxony, another for the Duke of Ferrara, and finally one for the city of Constance. Isaac's works closesly relate to the ideas of Secularism and Naturalism. Why they are secularism is because the songs related to the masses of the time and were included in that lifestyle back then. Why they are Idealism is because his music was short and simple. It had simplicity and was not too intense.

The Choralis Constantinus

This piece was created in 1550-1555. The piece is made into copies, so many people may have the piece in their very own house. The piece made of over 300 pieces, holds many gregorian chants that took off in the church business, therefore making them popular pieces. I would say that Secularism is closely related to these pieces of music because they are made for the needs of the church, which in that time, was everything. You can find this piece online, or on a google image. Here is one here!

What do I think?

Describing this piece in my arms, I would say it is something people can use to comfort themselves. This gives people somewhere to turn when they are in need of help from the church. Of course, being made up of Gregorian chants, the church and the book is always somewhere for a person to go. I find the piece so interesting because it was so popular back then, that it must be pretty good!

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