Foundations & Essentials

Tutor Academic Orientation


We need your thoughts, wisdom and experience as we start to hire Tutor Academic Orientators for Foundations and Essentials!

Here is what we are looking for in these TAO's...

-We are looking for TAO's who can uphold the integrity of the program, give time and energy into the orientations and inspire others.

-Preferably, this TAO has tutored the program they are orientating in Cycle 1 and will be continuing to tutor again in Cycle 2.

-We will train them online and have some prep work prior to Practicum.

-They will be paid up to $50/day. $150 for the Practicum.

Each of you ladies are amazing directors and know your campuses well. Please pray this week and let us know who would thrive and inspire CC Waco this year at Practicum!

Would you email me, Krystal Billups (kjbillups@yahoo.com) with names that come to mind?

Have a blessed day!!

Krystal Billups

*Practicum Coordinator

CC Waco Practicum

Monday, June 6th, 9am to Wednesday, June 8th, 4pm

2 Ritchie Road

Woodway, TX