Don't be a moron, buy Boron!!!


Boron is used for a variety of things, such as:

The production of enamels to cover steel in refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

It is used in fiber optics research.

It can be used as a mild antiseptic.

It is also used as a water softener.

Interesting facts about Boron:

Boron is typically found in certain volcanic spring waters.

Boron has a capacity to form stable covalently bonded molecular networks, making it similar to Carbon.

Boron is a good electrical conductor at high temperatures, but a poor electrical conductor at room temperature.

Boron is an essential nutrient for all green plants.

Boron in its crystalline form is not very reactive, yet Amorphous boron is reactive.

Boron is heat resistant.

Pictures of Boron!!!

Boron is $500 per 100g or $5 per gram.