By: Marie Lu


Summary- Day, June, and other people of the Republic have to defend the Republic from the Colonies. And in order to stop the Colonies from invading the need to find a cure and have to have Day's brother, Eden again for testing to see if he has the cure for the plague that ravages through the Colonies. And on top of that Day is dying and he has to do things that he used to do but now it is much harder with raging headaches, and easier exhaustion. Will Day and June protect the Republic, or have to deal with a messed up government system?


Day, one of the main characters in this novel, is a protector. He will do anything to protect his family and friends, even if it means losing his own life. He is also risky, because he goes and does some of the craziest things that no one would think about doing. Lastly he is a trickster, why, because he tricks the Colonies "president" into believing that they were surrendering.


In Champion, Day and June are going in between Denver till it is invaded by the Colonies. Then goes to Los Angeles for the remainder of the book, and later has the war in Los Angeles.

Book Review

On the site, one comment says," I liked the ending.. no more books needed! Lu left the ending for our imagination and defining such a dynamic relationship would ruin it for me."

My comment for this book would be, amazing and has so much action and suspense it is just amazing


Like Prodigy, Champion also has the Republic still at war with the Colonies. But in Champion, the colonies are invading the Republic.


I recommend the book Champion by Marie Lu because this book shows a great example of dystopian society about how the United States split up and now is The Republic of America, and the Colonies. Another reason for recommending this book is because it is full of adventure and action, because the two sides of the once "United States" are at war.