The Anchor

March 3, 2014

Transition to Bay View

On Wed., March 5, all Lineville students will attend a presentation in the commons with Mr. Meyer, Mr. Hermes, and Mrs. Schlag from Bay View Middle School. The purpose of the presentation is to make students aware of the scheduling timeline and options available to them as incoming 7th grade students. Please note the following dates:

Mon., March 17 - Registration materials emailed to students' district email addresses

Tues., March 18 - Registration and Informational Parent Meeting

For more information concerning your child's transition to Bay View Middle School please feel free to contact Mrs. Lynn Schlag, guidance counselor.

In the Classroom . . .

Math - The focus this week will be on making equivalent expressions using the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of numbers. Students should have brought home their Unit 5 Quick Quiz #1 for you to sign and return to school on Tuesday. This is the first to be recorded in PowerSchool in the algebra standards. Quizzes will be given weekly on the concepts so students can show growth in their understanding as we work through unit 5 in the textbook.

Language Arts - We will continue our focus on characteristics of non-fiction text, as well as text structure. Knowing the structure of a text helps with comprehension! We will also be starting to read the novel The Cay by Theodore Taylor. The story takes place in the Caribbean during WWII. Ask your child which cay they would like to visit for our next field trip! :)

Science - We are finishing up our investigation of different theories of the origin of the universe by using critical thinking and citing evidence to either agree or disagree with a theory. It has lead to some very good discussions and a lot more questions than answers! There will be a post test on chapter 2 from our textbook on Thursday, March 6. Students were given a study guide that is posted in Schoology.

Social Studies - We are continuing our study of WWII. Our focus will be the background and causes of the war, as well as Germany's role in WWII.

Looking Ahead . . . . .

March 7 (5:30-7:30 PM) - 3rd Annual Family Fun Mystery Night

March 18 - Informational Parent Meeting at Bay View

March 24-28 - Spring Break