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Last week our SLT (Student Leadership Team) got to spend time with Dan Morrison and the SASI - The Leadership People organization!

July 12, 2020


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Covid-19 Updates, Jaguar Band Masks, and MORE!

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COVID-19 UPDATES, Jaguar Band masks, and MORE!

We recognize there is a lot of uncertainty right now regarding the upcoming school year. Please know that we will be receiving guidance from Hays CISD soon. The Hays District Leadership Team (DLT) will meet Tuesday, July 14, and should provide a clearer picture of the plan and parameters in which the band/guard will have to work. We hope to include a detailed plan for the season in our next newsletter (July 19). The Boosters will also keep you informed via our Facebook page.

Please know that the Band Boosters will be providing masks to all band and guard students to be used at performances and competitions. These masks will be considered part of the uniform. The plan is to have these ready for the first day of summer band rehearsal (July 27 for Officers and Percussion; July 30 for full band) The masks were designed to allow students to have them hang around their necks while playing and to put them back on with one hand since they will be holding an instrument or equipment. The mask will be made to meet CDC standards. The first mask will be provided at no charge to the student. Replacement or additional masks must be purchased.

Please also know that the Boosters will provide prorated refunds for purchased meal plans that will not be necessary should plans change in the fall that impact the number of games or performances that the band/guard will be performing at or attending. If the band/guard financial costs decrease this year due to the district guidelines, the band will credit the difference towards next year's fees. Please know that refunds are near impossible for band/guard fees as those fees cover costs that the band already had to pay out or that assist with fixed costs (i.e. equipment upkeep, uniforms for new members, music arrangers, drill writers, technicians for music or guard instruction).


1. Read the Parent Guide to Jaguar Band to familiarize yourself with Financial Obligations & Meal Plans.(

En español. (

2. Update your Charms account. (See Charms Password Update above)

3. Follow us on Facebook.

4. Sign up for Remind 101. (See below)


Hello, Jag Band Family!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while enjoying this extended break. As Mr. Lunsford said last week, though these times are uncertain, it is a good opportunity for us to pause, reflect and embrace the moment. Personally, I welcome the extra time with my daughter and loved ones and hope you all can find some quiet moments of reflection to truly appreciate all the positives we have in our lives. My daughter, Hannah, will be starting 5th grade at Negley next year, and I know she is eager to return to school and see her friends. Sometimes I feel my role as Hannah’s dad relegates me to Entertainment Director during the summer months, so we strive to take advantage of the natural beauty of Wimberley where we live. I encourage you all to try something new each day and find adventure wherever you go. Get out of your comfort zone…that is where true growth occurs.

I am thrilled to be joining everyone as we continue our journey of growing the Jaguar Band into the best and most comprehensive band program in the nation. The directors and staff are second to none, and I am honored to play a small role in helping each member of the band grow as musicians, leaders, and most importantly, good humans. To that end…students…please take time each day to improve yourself musically, physically and emotionally. PRACTICE, MOVE and REFLECT. Continue to submit your SmartMusic objectives as these are crucial as the directors make plans moving forward.

At the moment, we are still awaiting guidance from the district as we move forward during these unprecedented times. I have seen many things during my 16 years teaching, but this is entirely new territory for teachers and students. Please extend grace to yourself and others and know that every person working with the Jag Band wants the very best for each student in the program. Keep checking Charms, Remind, social media and this newsletter for the most up to date information.

Thank you all for the warm reception. I am excited to get to know everyone as we move forward and strive towards #BIA.


Hey Band!

I am the Band Booster Secretary, and I am so excited to continue in this position for the upcoming school year. My son Logan will be in 10th grade and is a percussionist on drumline this year along with being involved in SLT (Student Leadership Team) as VP of Logistics. I also have another son, Ian, who graduated from Hays High School with four years in band and who is a sophomore at Southwestern University where he received a music scholarship for clarinet and piano. (You may recall him from a recent video during our registration drive.)

What exactly does the Secretary do? In short, the Secretary is expected to record what was discussed during meetings and keep documentation of all events. The main goal of the Secretary is to manage information and communication. I also currently manage the website, assist with the newsletter, schedule the Spirit Night fundraisers for the Jaguar Band and help with many committees including Jaguar Jog, Band Bash, Spirit Gear, TCGC and more.

I get involved with many events because I simply LOVE band and want to do what I can to support all our kids.

This is exactly what makes the Secretary a good first point of contact if you need to discuss an issue – ANY issue – and I either will be able to answer your question, share information, provide feedback to the Board or direct you to the officer who can best assist you.

I am going on Year SIX as a Band Parent. I remember how scary and intimidating being a first-year band parent can be. I had a son who wasn’t sure he wanted to stay in band as an incoming freshman. I remember wondering how my child could be a good student with AP classes and multiple sports and activities at school PLUS band. It all felt very overwhelming. I didn’t feel very supported or educated about what was expected, and I didn't know how to get help or questions answered.

My goal this year, and every year, is to make sure YOU don’t feel that way! I truly believe that our Parent Handbook has so many answers to the questions you may have, but I am here to help if you need it. My experience has shown that your child CAN do all the things during high school. I am here to help.

And, the best way I can help you is through this simple recommendation: GET INVOLVED. Get involved in your students’ activities whenever and however you can. Maybe that’s by helping with a committee ( or volunteering to be at an event. Maybe that’s by attending Band Booster meetings. Maybe it’s by simply driving them to practice and supporting them. Maybe it’s listening to them practice and encouraging them to keep going when they are exhausted, hot and tired. Maybe it’s by telling them how proud of them you are when you watch them perform.

Obviously, this year has many questions and few of them are answered at this point. Uncertainty is the new name of the game. But I AM certain that we will have a fantastic year and that our kids will surprise, shock and amaze us with what they can do. And I can’t wait to be a part of it all from the sidelines. With you.

Shannon Cameron


CHARMS has enhanced the security of student passwords. When you or your student log in going forward, you will be prompted to create a new password with these requirements:

  • At least 8 characters;
  • A combination of alpha/numeric characters;
  • One capital letter.

If you have questions, you can contact CHARMS at 972.485.1912 during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT.


Click the photo below to see why!
What's band like?


Due July 22

First Meal Plan Payment for Levels 3 & 4

Due July 27

First Installment of Band/Color Guard Fee ($100 If paying in installments.)

July 27 - 29

Percussion Camp

Officer Work Day

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Due July 30

2020 - 21 Band Fee ($375 If paying entire amount at once.)

2020 - 21 Color Guard Fee ($500 If paying entire amount at once.)

July 30

First Day of Summer Band

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Due July 30

Medical Release Form

UIL Marching Acknowledgement Forms

UIL Pre-participation Evaluation Physical

Band Conflict Form


The Johnson Jaguar Band is a student-led organization supported by the Johnson High School Band Boosters. Because your child is in Band, you ARE a member of the JHS Band Boosters. It takes the untiring support from our Booster Parents, YOU, for the band to attain its highest potential. YOU are a big part of their success.

How can you help?


Johnson Jaguar Band es una organización dirigida por estudiantes y apoyada por los Johnson Band Boosters. Debido a que su hijo está en la banda, usted ES miembro de JHS Band Boosters. Se necesita el incansable apoyo de nuestros Padres de refuerzo, USTED, para que la banda alcance su máximo potencial. ¡TÚ eres una gran parte de su éxito!

¿Cómo puedes ayudar?


Refunds from the summer trip have been sent to us from the company. As soon as we receive them in the office, Tracye will mail them out to families.


Contact a member of our Executive Board.


Mr. Lucita uses Remind 101 to send out notifications and reminders to parents and students. Once you sign up, you can receive the messages as a text message, notification from the app or both.

Visit our website to find the correct Remind 101 codes for you and your student.

Text that code to 81010, and you're ready to go!


Registration in V.I.P.S. (Volunteers in Public Schools) is required by Hays CISD for all volunteers. Volunteers must be approved as a VIP volunteer BEFORE volunteering. Click here,, and follow the link to register with VIPS in the lower right corner.

Questions or feedback?

Contact Juliette Kroeger


Charms is the calendar program used by Hays CISD bands. Syncing your online calendar (mobile device or computer) to Charms means any changes made to practices, games, events, etc., will automatically be updated in your calendar.

Visit the Johnson Band Website ( and click on the Calendar tab at the top for instructions.