Medieval Life

By: Emily Cruz

My Life

My life as a pilgrim is not an easy one. Everyday is a constant struggle to survive. I am always picking up the scraps I can find to withhold myself from withering away. People around me are greedy wanting more than they have. Little do they notice that what they have is fortune, a filthy fortune. I barely have shoes to walk with or food to feed myself. Yet the others complain for more. I desire to have more, but the life of a pilgrim is a hard one. It is one in which I cannot escape from. Like a flightless bird, I am stuck wanting to fly away from this misery.

My Home

My home is very small. I have one room and a small kitchen with enough space for myself to fit in. My living room is quite tiny as well. It encapsulates a fireplace to keep me warm. There are windows for the light I need during the day. Otherwise, at night I light up an old, used up candle to see my surroundings. I have my belongings in my room, but there is not much to store. There is not much I own. I pack small for my pilgrimage journeys. My home is cozy, but nevertheless it is my home.

Some Illustrations of My Life

My life is hard, but I must keep going.

My Whereabouts

The life of a pilgrim pertains to work. I work all day everyday to support myself and I go on journeys to find myself. My work is to tend the fields to grow the food I can. The food I grow is to sell or otherwise to feed myself, but I attempt to make as much profit as I can. I wash my clothes by hand and scrub away the stains of work. I cook in my tiny kitchen and collect wood for the fire. I wash the plates I use to eat and I fold my clothes. I talk amongst my friends and family and try to make the most of my life. Although it is mostly of chores and work, I do my best to maintain the best life a pilgrim can have.
Episode 13 "1400—Pilgrim's All (Chaucer's World)" Part 1