2nd Grade News from Room 219


This week...

I was "super-impressed" with my creative-thinking group of students on Monday! It was our 100th day of school and they made these awesome pictures (below) out of a 1, 0 and 0. Each student explained their creation. I'm looking forward to showing you their "old" picture at conferences, along with what they hope to accomplish before they are 100 years old!

Thank you to everyone who assisted with our Valentine Party! Your willingness to help out is MUCH appreciated!! Have a great day with your super-second-grade-valentine on Sunday. :)


No school on Monday - it's a teacher workshop day. (Happy President's Day!)

Conferences will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons/evenings following school. If you haven't signed up, I've assigned you a time and written it on the printed copy of this note. Please let me know if you can't make it. I'm looking forward to sharing progress with everyone!


RAH - Annie's Gifts - due Thursday, 2/18

Math - We've started a new unit on Money. Due 2/16

Speak Up - about a talent - due on your child's regular Speak Up day.