Using Comics Across the Curriculum

Student-Created & Engaging!

In two parts, April 28 & 30, in the library at lunch

Bring your laptop to the library this Tuesday and Thursday to find out how to use student (or teacher!)-generated comics to support your subject area. At this time of year, who doesn't need something a little out of the ordinary to keep students interested? Students will show how they can creatively and critically apply subject-area concepts in graphical and textual form. It is a higher-level skill to visually represent what we know.

Part One: Tuesday, April 28, at 12:30

Bring your laptop and explore the ways that student-generated comics can enhance your curriculum. Barb will provide examples for math, science, languages, English, history, arts, and electives.

Part Two: Thursday, April 30, at 12:30

Bring your laptop to explore a few online comic creator services. Don't worry... you don't have to know how to use online comic creators to introduce the concept in your classroom! You will provide one or two links to your students and let them run! Barb can support you each step of the way!