Sisters of charity-Mission & Values

By Isabella, Lauren G and Charlotte

Education- Charlotte

The Sisters of Charity are involved with 4 different schools in Australia;

  • Catholic Ladies Collage
  • St Columbas Collage
  • Mt St Mitchell's Collage
  • St Vincent's Collage.
They also work to educate everyday people about the Catholic Church. Their mission is to further develop peoples knowledge of the Sisters of Charity and the Catholic Church. Their values include;
  • Hope
  • Community
  • Justice
  • Learning
  • Faith
They also help people to teach each other about the Catholic Church.

Welfare- Isabella

The Sisters of Charity are there to support families that are in need or struggling in life. Mostly families and other people are in need of some sort of help. They help people and families to get better in life, progress and try to develop to change their life and start new. They help the people that they are supporting and help to forget about their issues and their problems in their life. They also try to fix them. if there were no welfare support of help groups we would have people and families in our society that may need assistance and support that no one will care and help them change and have a better life. Some of their values include

Health and Aged Care- Lauren

The Sisters of Charity's mission is to spread love and hope on continuing Jesus' mission in the name of the Catholic Church. They are very committed to people who are poor and vulnerable. They bring love to those in need through the healing of Jesus.

The Health and Aged Care help elderly people and those in need by assisting and helping them through their years ahead.

The professional care provided, comfort the people in need and make them feel like they are loved and well looked after.

Values that the Heath and Aged Care go by are compassion, justice, faith, integrity and excellence.

Lots of people in need are helped by Health and Aged Care because they also need to feel what a retired lifestyle is and the freedom, independence and social activities given by these ministries. Professional care and great facilities are what comes to these people in need.