Branding the Dragon Library


As part of my internship with - a brand consultant who specializes in helping companies develop their identity while avoiding copyright, patent, and trademark infringements. I created this presentation for the company's owner Amy Sunnyside who requires that every intern and new hire complete a probationary period in which each person creates a presentation that demonstrates (1) his or her understanding of some

fundamental industry principles as well as (2) the ability to avoid violating copyright in order to continue working for the company. Assuming that I gain Ms. Sunnyside's approval, I will be assigned to a project team that is creating a brand for Dragon Library at Round Rock High School. To that end, this presentation showcases a video I created to advertise the library's eBook collection.


As's credibility is based on its consistent delivery of an excellent product without incurring intellectual property liablities, I realize the extreme importance of avoiding copyright, patent, and trademark infringements. Thus, I took the following steps when creating my video.

  • The video's music, "Strut Funk" by Dougie Wood, is a free-use public domain song that I found on the CBGP Music YouTube channel. According to the channel's "About" page, it hosts a collection of "original music videos, concert footage, newly-scored silent short films, and musical performances in the Public Domain (PD)."

  • The video's images were borrowed from the Follett BryteWave, Apple App Store, and Google Play store marketing materials that can be found online. As they are being used for educational purposes and do not cause the rights holders to lose money, this constitutes fair use. Furthermore, these images are being used to promote the use of their services, and--in the case of BryteWave--Dragon Library has already been purchased this product for its patrons' use.

  • Finally, the video's text is original - purpose made for this advertisement.