Endangered Species, Polar Bears!!!

By: Havan Haney

How Endangered is the Polar Bear?

The polar bear is classified to be on the threatened list. It was classified on the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. This is because of the ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change.

Physical Characteristics

  1. The polar bear is the largest land carnivor in the world.
  2. Male polar bears are up to two to three times the size of the female polar bear.
  3. The name for male polar bears are boars and the name for female polar bears is sows.
  4. Boars weigh up to about 350 to 650 kg (772-1,433 ibs.) , and they are about 2.5 to 3 (8.2-9.8 ft) m long.
  5. The female polar bear the sow weighs up to 150 ot 250 kg (331 to 551 ibs.) and they are 1.8 to 2.5 m ( 6.0 to 8.2 ft. ) long.
  6. Compared to other bears polar bears have longer necks and more slender bodies.
  7. The coat of the polar bear can vary from a pure white coat to yellowish brownish color depending on the angle of the light and the season.
  8. Polar bears have 42 teeth.
  9. They may look very friendly but are extremely dangerous!!!!!

Here is some pictures!

The polar bears habbitat!

  • Polar bears spend much of their time in the Artic Sea.
  • They are naturally adapted to sustain cold weather because of their furr.
  • They are found along or near the coast.
  • They are also typically found on islandsand sea ice.
  • It provides a platform for them to live, hunt, breed and in some cases create maternal dens.
  • The Artic Sea is an entire ecosystem inhabited by micro-organisms and plankton which support a seals and a rich nourishing food chain, that in turn become prey for polar bears.
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The polar bear is endangered mostly due to climate change. Lets face it our Earth is getting a lot warmer this is global warming. What this does is it makes the ice melt and the polar bears natural habbitat is ruined because of this issue. Yes us as humans can make a difference and help to stop polluting our air and making the Earth move quikly. Polar Bears are beautiful and need to be saved. There are also ways you can help help by donateing to WWF! Polar bears food supply is getting low as well. Because of the global warming this affects the food chain and if more animals like seals and fish are becoming less and less there is no way of the polar bears getting their food as well. Many people dont pay any attention what so ever to this devastating problem. We ALL can help!!
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