The Roman Empire Is In Trouble!!!

The World is Ending!

It is the end of the world as we know it!

The Roman Empire is falling apart and we are in big trouble!

We are in trouble because people stopped wanting to be in the army, it didn't pay well. We all wanted to get paid way more than we were. Because we have a small army, people are fighting us and we are losing because our army doesn't have as much people.

Rome grew way too large and it was hard to govern so we split it into the western and eastern parts. That was a good thing because it was easy to govern, except people didn't like that we didn't have a good way to choose the emperor, people just fought to get the throne, that was a very bad way of choosing who would rule our empire.

Because all of this is happening, our population is decreasing because the people are starting to not like how Rome is, they don't our political instability. If I were you, I would leave town before you fall with Rome.

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