Rhetorical Strageties

by: Sharipha and Lucia

Pathos , Ethos, & Logos

"Larry Jones : 6 frustrating things about closing Tent City"

Pathos: "on the one hand we all care about homelessness in general .....on the other , we resist its arrival if in our neighborhoods"

This is some what emotional because many want to help and show that they care but sadly not everyone does care.

Logos: " but along with the normal human responses to a somewhat organized community came really negatives realities: theft, illness, violence , etc."

This shows the reason behind the housing of the he less people and the consequences as well.

Ethos : "the tenth city formerly nestled beneath the I-45 over pass here in south Dallas gives rise to all sorts of frustration"

This shows the information on the housing of the homeless.