VCR Lesson 1 Presentation

Janhvi Kulkarni

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 1. Use a word or any of its forms only once.

1. Car salesmen ___________ themselves on customers by repeating exaggerated sales pitches in an attempt to convince the customers to buy their product.

2. In Virginia's caverns, there are numerous tapering columns of calcium salts that __________ from the ground.

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tr. v. and intr. v.

1. To force one's ideas or oneself insistently upon others.

2. To thrust or push out; to protrude noticeably, often in an undesirable way.


ob - against

Someone who is obtruding their ideas upon others is placing their ideas against the other person's.

trudo - to push

The second definition of obtrude directly relates to something pushing or thrusting out.


obtruder - n.

obtrusive - adj.

obtrusiveness - n.

obtrusion - n.


An obtrusion refers to an object or idea that is forcing itself upon something or, as per the second definition, thrusting/pushing out.

Obtrusiveness is the quality itself of being obtrusive (forceful, imposing).


Definition 1: impose, interfere

Definition 2: shove, protrude


Definition 1: ignore, avoid, abate

Definition 2: depress, contract, cave in

Mean Girls (1/10) Movie CLIP - Meeting the Plastics (2004) HD


The girls in the video obtrude themselves on Cady; they offer to let her sit with them at lunch, but when Cady tries to refuse, Regina interjects and insists on having her own way.

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. Her obtrusive nature caused her to lose many friends, because they all felt like their opinions were unvalued in her eyes.

b. The robber's obtrusion caused the house's security alarm to go off, summoning the police.

c. The uneven distribution of batter in the pan caused part of the cake to obtrude from the surface, creating an unpleasant lump in the center of the finished product.

d. The salesperson at the mall, through his obtrusiveness, persuaded Jenny to buy over sixty dollars in perfume by making her feel like she could not live without it.

The answer is B. The robber's INTRUSION is what caused the security alarm to go off, not his OBTRUSION. Obtrusion means to push out, rather than to come in.