Help The Schools

By: Beau and Brett

The Bathrooms On Freshman Hall

The bathrooms on freshman hall are gross, disgusting, and nauseating. Instead of the schools spending our 40 million dollars on Mac Books, we should have made our school facilities nicer.

Provide New Textbooks

The school textbooks are falling apart. We haven't had new textbooks delivered in over 4 years if not longer. That 40 million dollar grant should have went to traditional learning techniques.

Sports Facilities

The SHS sports facilities are below average. Statesville has rocks in their fields. Statesville should have spent some of its money on better fields so that the sports teams have nice things.


The 40 million dollars was used for technology purposes. So that was a smart idea

Book bags

The book bags that iss gave us are ripping to pieces. They should have planned them out better and made them stronger.

Drink machines

Drink machines should be made available to all students during all hours not just teachers. This would also bring in money to the school.


The buses we have are outdated. We should spend money on new buses to make sure that kids get to school on time and safe.

School lunches

The school lunches are not very good. We should spend more time and money to making sure that the kids get the right nutrition in there meals.