Daniel's Story

By: Eric Fischer

" Keep everything you can carry with you."- Father

" I don't think they're sending us on a holiday."- Daniel

" It must last or by the end of the week we could easily starve."- Father


Aryan: Relating to or denoting a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium BC, displacing the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples.

" They're evacuating the hospital."- Father


Daniel's fight against the Nazis while in the concentration camp and also, Daniel never gave up when things seemed hopeless.

"They may well take Erika."- Mother


Yiddish: A language used by Jews in central and eastern Europe before the Holocaust. It was originally a German dialect with words from Hebrew and other modern languages and is spoken mainly in the U.S., Israel, and Russia.


Never lose hope when it seems like the end.
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Pogrom: An organised massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jews in Russia or eastern Europe.
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Photo Album

Photo album with pictures from Auschwitz concentration camp.

Significant Event

A significant event is when Daniel survives in Auschwitz concentration camp.