By : Azra Imeri C2 6/2/15

Childhood Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease in which causes airways to block (in the tubes of the lungs), and causes them to swell, and produce lots of thick mucus. The airways are overly sensitive to allergies, inventions, cold air, exercise, and smoke. It causes the symptoms to act quickly, so get help if your in need!

Fact 1-10

1.) Asthma is a chronic and serious lung disease.

2.) Asthma causes the swelling and narrowing of the airways. Making it hard to breathe.

3.) So far as the has no cure but you can live active live with the appropriate treatment for asthma as long as you have help from your doctor.

4.) Asthma can be very uncontrollable and make someone's more sensitive to common things like dust, pollen, and smoke.

5.) Asthma can cause shortness of breath, wheezing, tightening of the chest, and coughing.

6.) Asthma symptoms can occur several times a day and several times a week.

7.) It's hard for people with asthma to stay fit because the symptoms become worse during physical activity, or at night.

8.) Inhalers are the number one treatment for relieving asthma when symptoms occur.

9.) Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children.

10.) Asthma can not only be triggered by cold air and other symptoms . It can also be triggered emotionally such as anger or fear and physical exercise.

Five Things someone can do to maintain/improve their health...

1.) One of the easiest things to treat asthma is to exercise. Most doctors recommend an exercise that involves a short period of time so it doesn't affect your symptoms. This helps you stay healthy, and prevents more asthma attacks from occurring.

2.) Another easy thing to do is to avoid your triggers - (things that your make you asthma symptoms go off.) If you avoid you triggers, than you will have a less chance of getting asthma symptoms.

3.) Staying healthy is also another one. For example eating right, and making sure you can control things like heartburn after you eat can easily avoid asthma attacks as children.

4.) You can even try improving indoor air like cleaning dust, and any mold, etc. Or, you can just stay away from outdoor air that affects your asthma as much as possible. This helps you learn to control your asthma.

5.) Lastly, you can avoid asthma attacks by trying to maintain your asthma, or keep it under control. You can ask your doctor to keep you aware of certain things that will set off your triggers, you can also take medicine that your prescribed, you can also rest your asthma plan a little to make sure you have time to think about what might affect your asthma, etc. This helps Asthma attacks and most symptoms from occurring.


In conclusion asthma can be affected by a lot. You need to maintain your asthma, and keep it under control. Don't be afraid to get help from your doctor, or even ask questions to understand asthma better. Asthma can be controlled with the help of your doctor.

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