K3 News

Week of 17th- 21st

What is going on this week??

What are we learning?

Unit: Presidents/ America

Sight Words: your, that

Word Family: LONG VOWELS

Science: Force and Motion

Math: Addition

Word Problems

Odd/Even numbers

  • Monday the 17th- NO SCHOOL!! Teacher Inservice Day

  • Tuesday the 18th- Art Day

  • Wednesday the 19th- Library Day- Bring back library books!
  • P.E Day

  • Thursday the 20th- Music Day

  • Friday the 21st- Runner's Club

What can I help my child with?


-PRACTICE SIGHT WORDS AT HOME!! Kids can practice spelling their sight words with cereal, magnetic letters etc. You could post the sight words on index cards around the house for your child to read! :)

- COMPREHENSION!! The main struggle with kids on a level 4-10 is comprehension. Students need to be able to retell the events from a story. Ask your children comprehension questions about the story that the read. They should be able to retell you the story from beginning to end with some detail!


-Practice spelling simple CVC words with your child and stretching out the words. (dig, rug, flop, etc.) New spelling test will be in January!

-Have your child write a sentence (or 2) about their day! Other ideas could be write about the book they just read, write a letter to a friend, create their own story!

-Encourage capital letters at the beginning with a period at the end.


-Practice WRITING numbers 1-50.... really work on those teens!

-PRACTICE COUNTING all the way to at least 50!!

-Practice identifying coins at home and their value.

-Practice counting with your child all the way to 100... and then backwards from 20.

-skip count with your chlid by 5s, 10s, and 2s!

Mark Your Calendars!!

Feb 17th- NO SCHOOL!!

March 4th- Career Day- students will dress up as what they want to be when they grow up!! Start brainstorming now..

March 6th- OPEN HOUSE!!! 6-7pm. BE THERE! :)

March 10th-14th- Spring Break!