Morgan Math Munchies (and more)

4th Grade Mrs. Miller

Looking Back

It has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with each and every one of your students this year. I like to look back over the course of the year and remind the students, and you as well, at the progress they have made. In September when I "previewed" a few of the topics we would learn about I got many groans. Long division, multiple-digit multiplication, and fractions are all topics that create anxiety for many students. Now when we do those problems students cheer because they know that they have conquered these anxieties and the processes as well. As your student heads to 5th grade and the middle school I hope that no matter what type of problem they come across, they will believe in themselves and know they have the foundation for success.

Thank you!

I would like to thank all parents for their support of math homework and fact practice this past year. More important than soccer, football, volleyball, or piano practice it helps build a stronger, deeper understanding of the concepts we have studied. Thank you for all you do!


As you can see from the above pictures we have had an amazing few weeks in May! 3 more days to go and they too will be a whirlwind. Awards are Tuesday and of course, Field day is Wednesday. Hope to see everyone this week!

Thanks, Again!

Thank you to all the parents who helped make the field trip, the parties, fourth grade fun day, the vocabulary parade, and all the other events throughout the year possible. Morgan parents ARE the best!

It's going to be a great week!