Weekly Update 9/19/16

Ledbetter Times

Focus of Study

Last week we continued to read closely in Literacy, as we read about the" Birth of the Haudenosaunee" Native Americans, and some of the symbols they used. The students should be able to explain what a text says using specific details, annotate text, explain the main idea, and engage in a collaborative discussion. This week, we will focus on using context clues to build vocabulary, and reading closely to answer text dependent questions. The students will complete their reading MAP test on Wednesday.

In math our focus is on place value. The students are expected to read and write multi digit numbers in different forms such as word form, expanded form, and standard form. This week we will be comparing, ordering and rounding numbers. The students also completed their first MAP test in math today.

Writing: The students are finishing up their Bio-Poems, and summarizing informational text.

Social Studies: The students are learning the five themes of geography, and all about land, water, and resources of North Carolina. This week they will start research in class.

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