Among The Hidden by Margaret Haddix

First book in the shadow children sequence


This book, Among The Hidden by Margaret Haddix, Luke is a third child which is also known as shadow child. Later on Luke's favorite place is destroyed which is the woods so new fancy baron houses can be built. Now that there is new house Luke discovers another third child while peering out the window one day, Jen who wants to end the unlawful practice of third children. Now Luke spends everyday with Jen as many days go but Jen decides to fight for third children, but is considered a rebel and dies. Now the Luke is hiding from the population police and will soon be leaving.

Main Characters

Luke Garner

Jen Talbot

Mrs. Garner

Mr. Garner

Mark Garner

Matthew Garner

George Talbot


I would give this book a 5 star rating because it was really good never dragged and always had me thinking whats next although its not a true story its still has a real setting and was a good book.

Youtube Booktrailer

Margaret Peterson Haddix - Among the Hidden Book Trailer


Luke's House: This is lukes home with his mom, dad, and two brothers which is a farmhouse which is there farm and his dads job.

Jens House: A new fancy baron house that is very big, which is where Jen lives with her mom dad and also two brothers